My Body

Ceara Milligan
1 min readOct 20, 2023

In the garden of self, I found my bloom
A story of love, like the crescent moon
My body, a vessel, I once did fear
But now, a masterpiece, I hold it dear

I’ve learned to cherish every thorn
For in their pain, a lesson was born
In the roots, my history resides
A tale of growth, of tears, of pride

My limbs, like branches, stretch towards the sky
A testament to how high I can fly
I’ve grown to love the curves and bends
For they’re where my strength transcends.

My heart, a butterfly in flight
Dances with joy in soft sunlight
In a cocoon, once trapped and confined
I spread my wings, a new design

The mirror, a pond reflecting my grace
For in its gaze, I find my space
In this body, with quirks and charm
I’m free to wander and be unharmed

My body, a metaphor, a poetic song
A vessel of stories where I belong
In this embrace, I truly see
A whimsical love, where I am me